Comparison with High Street Stores

Here is a simple example of the value you will receive by shopping with The Electric Fire Store.


EOS Fire at B&Q


ONLY £399.99

This fire only produces 620W of heat! For £550! Our fires are a minimum of 1800W. 

This is a flat fire and is 15cm off the wall (depth) our new 2013 model is only 9cm off the wall, that is a massive diffence.

Our fires are a maximum price of £200 - that's £200 less than the above example.

This represents very good value for money and what`s more, the 12 month warranty you receive on our fires is with US - not a massive high street store that will tell you to contact the manufacturer and this will probably take months to resolve. We resolve anything and everything quickly and efficiently.


Thats why you should choose TheElectricFireStore!


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