Wall Mounted Electric Fire FAQs

Below you will find the most popular questions asked:

Q) Are these fires branded or seconds?

A) No they are totally brand new, never opened and direct from the manufacturer, we cut out any middle men and buy direct from the manufacturers so this saves costs, our business model allows low overheads so we pass these savings onto you the customer to offer an unbeatable price.


Q) I've called and there was no answer?

A) We do not man the phones at all times, please email or send a text message to our mobile (07875529463) for an almost instand reply - we can only maintain these prices with low overheads so this is why you will not always get someone at the end of the phone.


Q) Why should i buy from The Electric Fire Store and not B&Q?

A) High Street stores are like robots, they have so many products that they can`t be experts in all areas. We ONLY sell wall mounted electric fires, we know them inside out. Our prices wont be beaten but prehaps more important is our customer service, both pre and post sale - which is where most stores fail. We will resolve any issue quickly and are always here via Text - even in the middle of the night. We offer this revolutionary business model as this is what our Director saw in his vision of an ideal online business.


Q) What is a presale?

A) We always like to offer our customers the best deal, if we run out of stock then when the wall mounted fires are on the way to us we will open a presale, this will involve a much lower price than RRP but the customer must wait a few weeks for delivery. The prices are usually tiered so that the longer you are prepared to wait the cheaper the fire is!


Q) How come the wall mounted electric fires are such good value? Are they new?

A) Yes they are brand new. We buy in bulk, directly from the manufacturer and operate soley online - saving overheads and passing these saving on in terms of a good price.


Q) How can i pay for the wall mounted fire?

A) You can order on the website, there is a step by step guide in the menu on the left, you can pay via debit/credit card directly on the site or if you prefer via Paypal.


Q) Can i order my electric fire over the phone?

A) Yes you can, we prefer orders over the website as it is usually simpler but if you want to order over the phone then please call 01782-644515 with your card and delivery details. Please leave a message if the call isn`t answered and someone will return your call within a few hours.


Q) Are these wall mounted electric fires noisy?

A) Not at all! They are silent in flame only mode and not very noisy when the heaters are on, you will not need to turn the TV up like with so many high street wall mounted fires - these are very quiet and perform very well.


Q) Can i mount a TV above these wall mounted fires?

A) The heat comes from the top of these wall fires but as long as the gap between the TV and the fire is 10inches+ then this will allow the heat to escape and the TV will not become hot.


Q) Do these wall mounted electric fires appear as in the pictures?

A) Yes they actually appear better! Its very difficult to get good images of glass items due to the reflection so most customers comment that they are better than in the images. We have videos of the wall mounted electric fires on the website to try and bring them to life so you can see just how impressive they really are.


Q) Where does the heat come from on these wall fires?

A) The top.


Q) Does the glass get hot (i.e. children)

A) No, the glass doesn't get hot at all as the heat comes from the top of the unit.


Q) Are these fan operated?

A) Yes.


Q) Do they come with remotes?

A) Yes.


Q) Do they come with everything i need to fit?

A) Yes, brackets, screws, raw plugs and a set of instructions are included.


Q) Are these easy to fit?

A) Yes - a bracket is attached to the wall via supplied screws/raw plugs, then the glass is removed from the fire (slides off). The fire is then mounted to the wall (hung on the bracket) and the the glass is put back on the fire.


Q) Who is my 12mth warranty with?

A) With ourselves, not with our manufacturers. We hold spare parts and good stocks so any issues at all we will resolve - quickly. If an issue occurs during the first month with the wall mounted fire we will pay all costs, the postage to us and back to you. After that month the fire will be in the warranty period (mth 2 of it) and all we ask is that you cover the cost of getting the wall fire to us.


Q) Do you sell other items?

A) No - we only sell wall mounted electric fires - we know them inside out and devote all our time and efforts to them.


Q) Do you have a shop?

A) No, we have a warehouse and office facilities.


Q) Can i come and view a fire?

A) Yes you can by appointment please text or call for more details.


Q) Can i have a VAT invoice?

A) Yes, we are fully VAT registered (104250567) so you can indeed have an invoice.


Q) Can you ship abroad?

A) Yes we do, to pretty much anywhere - indicative quote is £60 to Malta, email us for more details. We have shipped to Malta, France, Spain, Russia, Greece, Latvia and Tenerife to name a few.


Q) How much do these wall fires cost to run?

A) There are three settings, flame only, and two heat settings (depending on model). The flame only runs several halogen bulbs which are low wattage and efficient - this will cost very little to run. The heat modes will cost 1kw/2kw or 900w/1800w depending on the model and of course pending how much your electrcitiy suppliers charges per kwh.


We will continue to update this page with any further queries we have.


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