2018 NEW TruFlame Wall Mounted Flat Glass Electric Fire with Pebble Effect (90cm wide curved corners)

2018 TruFlame Flat Glass Wall Mounted Electric Fire

'With New Flame Effect - produced by LEDs NOT bulbs!'


We are the first company in the entire UK to offer these new wall mounted electric fires - they have been made substancially flatter and closer to the wall, see our new article for further information on this. You can buy these electric fires now which means you will be the first in the UK to have them,











These fires are the new model and the main difference between these and the old model is the way the flame effect is produced - the new fires as with them all on the market are produced via bulbs, these create a decent effect BUT the new model has harnessed the power of LEDS and the effect has been made dramatically better and more realistic! We are the first company to sell these fires in the UK! Plus you will NEVER need to change a bulb!


 Thermostatically Controlled


This is the first of our fires to have a thermostat. You can set the temperature via the remote control and when the ambient temperature reaches this the heat will turn off, then once it drops below the set temperature the heat will turn back on.

The instructions for operation are as follows:

1) Ensure the remote has batteries in

2) Turn the fire on via the remote

3) Set the temperature via the +/- buttons to the desired temperature for the room (remember you can`t set the temp lower than what the room is already)

4) Press the 2kw/1kw to turn the heat on if it doesn`t come on on its own

5) Leave all the controls for the heat now and do not turn the fire off until you have finished with it as it will reset the temperature control

6) Once the heat reaches the desired temperature the fire will turn off, and then when it drops below that temp it will turn back on

7) Remember to turn the main control of the fire off when you have finished as you don`t want the fire turning on and off on its own with no one to monitor it

8) When left the remote will fade into standby but don`t worry it remembers the temperature setting.



Why buy your wall mounted electric fire from Us?

Online purchasing can be scary and we aim to make it as simple and user friendly as possible, we are an honest integrity driven business with a history of online retail experience. Customer Service is our aim, we will resolve any issues as fast as possible and ensure that the transaction runs as smoothly as expected offering a quality product at a good price.Check out our feedback page for evidence of the above statements, quick delivery, good communication and a quality product all delivered at a good price.



Our brand TruFlame of Wall Mounted Electric Fires has the most realistic flame effect on the market! The TruFlame is a truly mesmorizing flame effect which will dance and dazzle in front of you and make you feel all warm, just by sitting and looking at it! Unlike less realistic flicker flame effects our TruFlame is produced by a more sophisticated method and in over 8000 sales all feedback is fantastic about the flame effect! Check out the videos on the product pages and the rest of the site to see the TruFlame in action!


Comparison between 2016 (Bulb) and 2018 (LED) Flame Effects


2018 Model Wall Mounted Flat Glass Electric Fire

We are pleased to offer a you this lovely electric fire, please find below specificaions, images, videos and specific information about shipping, packaging and more. If you have any questions feel free to email us, a reply will usually be made on the same day.



Wall Mounted Electric Fire Specifications

- Two heat settings - 1000w or 2000w (adjustable on the top of the fire)

- Size 90.0 (W) 56.0 (H) 9.5 (D) (all in cm)

- Flame only setting produced by LED lights - no need to ever change a bulb

- CE compliant

- Adjustable dimmer for flame

- Wall mounted with pebble effect

- Child friendly curved edge mirror glass flat front panel

- Safety thermal cut-off device

- Easy to fit - simply mount the bracket on the wall (few screws), then the fire slots onto this - really simple

- Detailed fitting instructions with illustrations in manual

- 1 yr RTM warrenty

- Contemporary design

- Similar electric fires go for £400+ in high street stores




Wall Mounted Electric Fire Accessories

- Remote control including on/off,heat setting and dimmer

- Detailed Instruction Manual

- Wall mountings



Quality Control

Every one of our electric fires are fully checked prior to despatch, no exceptions.





The Electric Fires are packed, checked and then shipped via Parcelforce on a 24hr priority service (or other if you paid for 48 or 3-5 days service),As soon as the item is sent a tracking number will be entered into the paypal transaction details,Paypal will send you an email with this informaiton on and you can then track your item.If you pay via cheque or postal order then we will email you with the tracking information.




One area we constantly read about is other sellers and their poor packaging. These wall mounted electric fires are in specially designed boxes held in place with polystyrene side holdings. The fires are encased in polystyrene to protect from any damage to the glass. Everything is done with the intention of getting the product to you in pristine condition. If there is any damage in transit we will replace the item at our cost, please contact us as soon as possible and we will resolve quickly.


Electric Fire Images (first of the new model!)

Videos of the Electric Fire (Mounted on the wall)

Electric Fire Wall Mounted in our office!


If you have any further questions then please call or email us on 01782644515 or epltd@hotmail.co.uk






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